sideboard I Asa


The ASA sideboard represents the transformation and beginning of a new cycle. Marcos transform the rought wood into a functional sculpture made by his own hands. The 212 pieces of solid wood, are precisely glued, sculpted and fitted, giving the impression it is a single piece. The curves and the lowered profile thickness guarantee a light and fluid design, contrasting the robustness of its dimension. Almost imperceptible doors and drawers give continuity to the handmade drawing, executed with black resin embedded in the wood, representing the symbolism of the dragonfly.


Limited edition of 3.

Signed, dated and numbered.


Material: 100% made of solid wood


Year of creation: 2018



 Brazilian Freijó solid wood

Dimension: L 300 cm x W 50 cm x H 75 cm


L 10' x W 20''x H 30''