Vento Pendant Light

vento zebrano

Vento pendant light is handmade by the artist himself, its drawing emerged from the love for the sea and water. It's volume causes presence and it's light smooths and values any environment. The impeccable finish is made with natural oil preserving the wood's texture and color. The Vento are signed, dated and numbered with a silver medal encrusted in the wood. 
Limited edition of 25.



Creation year: 2019


Available in two sizes:

160cm x 22cm x 10 cm wide

 95cm x 15cm x 10cm 


Bulb: 1 led 120cm/ 1 led 60cm/ 2700k


Mounting Fixture ships with 6,5ft/2m black textile cable and 6,5ft/2m steel rope and 5in/12cm canopy . Textile cable plus steel rope are shortenable.


Wood options, following photo order:  Zebrano (African), Carbonized, Imbuia (Brazilian)